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Vancouver Rollerblading Lessons

Learn rollerblading in the next 48 hours with a certified instructor. Roller blading lessons in Vancouver, B.C. Book a private or group rollerblading lesson with one of our instructors!

Make new friends at our next inline skating social skate !

Why Take Lessons?

Rollerblading lessons are safer than trying to learn yourself. Learning the proper techniques from a certified instructor will make your experience more fun and enjoyable.

Rollerblading lessons provide the best way to stop. Learning to stop fast when you need to is a skill you will never want to be without, especially in emergency situations.

Rollerblading lessons give a solid framework where your learning curve will be shorter, plus you do not want to develop any bad habits.

Rollerblading lessons build confidence. A certified instructor will help you to gain a basic understanding of the skills involved, creating a foundation of solid skills that will increase your confidence on inline skates.

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Rollerblading in Vancouver:

Learning to inline skate - group lessons

Vancouver is an magnificent city to go rollerblading. You can skate around Stanley Park as well as another 5 km waterfront rollerblading area which connects to the park (from English Bay to Science World).

The city has excellent rollerblading areas around UBC (University of British Columbia), and in The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (formerly the Seymour Demonstration Forest) Seymour Valley Trail, which is 10 km long. The Seymour Valley trail, in North Vancouver, opened in the summer of 2002 and the pavement is very good (smooth and 6 meters wide).

For the more aggressive blader, visit the 16,000 square foot Inline Skate Park in North Vancouver near 24th & Lonsdale Avenue. It is required that you wear a helmet as you may get fined up to $40.

Inline Skating - Vancouver Social Extravaganza

Meet new people!

Stay fit!

Have fun!

Twelve Reasons for Learning to Inline Skate:

1. Inline skating is healthy for the environment. Learn to blade and give nature a refreshing boost to its health.

2. Rollerblades are portable and versatile. You can strap them on for a lunch hour or for a refreshing evening roll around your neighbourhood. You can keep them in the back of your car for the spontaneous whim or pack them as part of your travel trip.

3. A well-made skate boot has such good ankle support that first-timers are instantly mobile.

4. The learning curve for rollerblading basics is incredibly short compared to sports such as skiing, wind-surfing, and tennis.

5. Safety on rollerblades can be learned. Armed with protective gear, the basic moves, and a few important safety tips, every beginner can learn to rollerblade with confidence.

6. Rollerblading allows great freedom of movement, with restrictive body positions.

7. Rollerblading not only keeps your body aerobically fit and burning calories, it is also invigoratingly fun.

8. Rollerblading is social. It is easy to get hands-on tips and techniques while making new friends.

9. You can enjoy rollerblading without fear of joint stress, providing an alternative to high-impact aerobic activities. Inline skating, when compared to running, causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joints, thus demonstrating that rollerblading is less harmful to the joints than the higher impact sport of running.

10. Rollerblading improves balance, strengthens every muscle from the lower back to the knees, and stimulates the upper body. Spend any length of time on rollerblades, and you will immediately feel your muscles starting to tighten and firm.

11. Used for cross training, inline skating is a welcome change from specific and repetitive workouts geared toward improved sports-related performance.

12. Inline skating provides a guilt-free excuse to have fun. Studies have shown that you will be supremely satisfied at the end of the day when you've had everything to do and you've done it.

Inline skating instructor

Inline skating instructors - Stanley Park seawall


Stanley Park seawall


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