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Vancouver Inline Skating Lessons

Inline skating lessons are the quickest way to improve and learn skating correctly.
They get you focused personal attention and the best quality instruction in Vancouver.


To book lessons: Email
or text your email to 604-603-5126


Inline skating lessons for only $35 per person for 2 hours! (Based on 4 people)


Simply organize your group of 4 people for a total cost of $140 for 2 hours.

If you are single, join our 2 hour group beginner or intermediate lesson.

Our skate school is committed to providing year-round quality instruction to people of all skill levels.


In-Line Skating Instructor - Jan Nekolny

Jan has been skating ever since he learned to ice skate in Prague, Czech Republic when he was five years old.

Specializing in recreational, fitness and speed skating. Whether your goal is to skate around Stanley Park or skate a marathon, a lesson will give you confidence to skate safely with good technique.

As seen in The Canadian Press, Jan has been inline skating in Vancouver for the past 20 years. His favourite places to inline skate are the Stanley Park Seawall, from English Bay to Science World and the 10km Seymour Valley Trail on the North Shore for fitness, speed and endurance.

Jan Nekolny
"You really know your stuff! I found the group lesson very professional. You were able to address all our individual needs. I finally found the technique to stop which gives me total confidence to rollerblade on my own. Thanks!" — Marela
"Jan, I came to you to help build my confidence on rollerblades and you delivered beautifully. Since our lesson, I now have the tools and skills to allow me to enjoy my rollerblading experience without worrying whether I will hurt myself or - more importantly - others! Most of all, I now get out almost daily for a little bit of exercise and to enjoy the many routes available in Vancouver. I will keep your name handy when friends or others need some pointers. Thank you!" — Pierre Thériault

Jan — Your teaching style is just what I needed! Patient & fun! I enjoyed learning turns, balance drills and most of all, stopping! You Rock! I will be back! — Lucie Walker - Rockin' Country Blues Singer


Cone Drills - Jim & Darlene

Thank you very much for the lesson. Both Darlene and I learned so much (stopping, turns, proper skating technique, balance drills) and would definitely recommend you to both novices and those with experience looking to improve on their blading. I have much more confidence in my blading ability thanks to your help. Thanks again — Jim Franklin
Thank you for teaching me the basics of in-line skating. Knowing how to stop has given me a tremendous boost to my confidence! — Goldy Bhangav
You are definitely energetic and passionate about inline skating. After doing your 5 hour Value Package, I can see how it is easy to learn to skate safely with the assistance of a certified instructor. I enjoyed your fun and easy to follow teaching style. I now know how to stop going down a hill and turn properly. You have given me lots of exercises to become more confident compared to trying to learn myself and risk injuring myself. I would not be able to learn so much in such a short time frame if I did not have any lessons. I appreciate all your help and feedback. I am grateful that I did not fall or injure myself thanks to your expertise. I will continue to practice what you have taught me. Thank-you very much! — Sabrina Li


For an advanced private lesson, select your goal and choose your desired outcome?

2 Hour Beginner Group Lesson:

This inline skating lesson focuses on the fundamentals:

Stances • Falling • Getting up • Safety • Equipment
• Balance • Pressure • Edging • Body Rotation • The Ready Position • The Safe-T
• V-Walk • Duck Walk • Coasting • Half-Swizzle • Swizzle • Stride I
• How to skate down a hill without killing yourself?
• A-Frame Turn • Parallel Turn • Crossovers
• Heel Stop • Grass Stop • Spin Stop***

2 Hour Intermediate Group Lesson:

This inline skating lesson will give you specific exercises to improve skating, stopping, balance and mobility:

• Review and Master all drills from beginner lesson
• Intermediate Movements: • Slalom Turning • Parallel Turn • Crossovers
Spin Stop • Grass Stop • T-Stop • Backward Movement • Backward Crossovers
• 180 Degree Transitions: switching from forward to backwards and vice versa.
• Learn to stop faster (One-Footed Heel Brake) and with more confidence.
• Improve skating efficiency and speed — Stride II and III.
• Learn to stop backwards with the power slide.***

*** Learning all the skating drills in each 2 hour class depends on student progression.
Any 2 hour lesson can be arranged to teach any specific skill a student wants to learn.
For example, Hockey Lunge Turn, Heel-Toe Roll, Double Toe Roll, 180 degree jump turn, Grapevine or Crazy Legs.


Lessons are available anytime during both weekdays and weekends, based on our agreed upon schedule.
Call 604-603-5126. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Book by email to be notified for the next group beginner or intermediate lesson.
Give us your preferred date when you would be available and we'll schedule a group.

Adult Group Beginner

Lesson done. Students now know how to practice safely with confidence.

Spectacular lesson done. Stopping, turning, skating in control, braking easily.

Beautiful lesson! Balancing, turning and natural high confidence booster!

Great balance with more control. Definitely more confidence!

Superb lesson done. As a student said in his own words, "Great class, thanks for everything. Let me know when you have an intermediate class - I'll be practicing in the meantime".

Awesome lesson done. Duck walk, balance drills, A-turns, Snow plow, plus more!

Another amazing lesson! Balancing, turning and stopping!

Group Adult Beginner class on Saturday, July 20th from 1 pm to 3 pm

Email me for possible alternative date or time

Adult Group Intermediate

Great intermediate lesson done. Done advanced balance drills, improved skating technique, forward propulsion, stopping faster, parallel turns and T-Stop.

Fantastic intermediate lesson done. Greater confidence and skating in control. Advanced braking technique, advanced swizzles, efficient skating technique, plus more.

Group intermediate lesson done. Done T-dragging and stopping, advanced heel brake stop, skating technique, crossovers with underpush drills, plus more.

Lesson done. Discover how easy it is to stop like a pro on a hill!

Super intermediate lesson done. Skating efficiently, stopping on hills, advanced braking technique, skating in control with multiple balance drills.

Incredible lesson done. Rave reviews with new confidence.

Group Adult Intermediate class on Sunday, July 21st from 10 am to 12 pm

Group Intermediate class call / text to schedule a group intermediate class



Our roller blading lessons are taught almost exclusively in Downtown Vancouver.
Also, lessons can be arranged in the city of North Vancouver
near Lonsdale Quay Seabus terminal at Waterfront Park or in West Vancouver near 17th & Marine.

In the event of rain, snow or wet pavement, a private lesson can be
scheduled in several dry locations. Call 604-603-5126 for info.


Would you like to learn to inline skate in a fun group environment?
If you are single, join our 2 hour Group Beginner $45 each (3-6 people) or Group Intermediate Lessons.

Don't have skates?  Rollerblade skate rentals and protective gear for $20 plus tax.

1 hour private lesson $80
1.5 hour private lesson for$120$100
2024 Spring/Summer:
2 hour private lesson for$160 $120
2 hour lesson for two people for$160 $120 ($60 each)
2 hour lesson for three people for only $160 $120 ($40 each)

2 hour lesson for four people for only $160 $140 ($35 each)

No. of people in lesson
Total Cost / 2 hrs
1 instructor to 1 person
$160 $120
1 instructor to 2 people
$160 $120
1 instructor to 3 people
$160 $120
Small group of a similar level (4 people)
$160 $140
Extreme Confidence Value Packages
Total Cost / 5 hrs

Individual lesson value package (5 hours)


Two people package (5 hours for 2 people)


Three people package (5 hours for 3 people)


Four people package (5 hours for 4 people)


Five people package (5 hours for 5 people)


Six people package (5 hours for 6 people)


PLEASE READ - All rollerblading lessons can be reserved and paid in advance by CASH or online through PayPal. If you cancel 24 hours in advance you will receive a refund minus a $10 handling fee. If you cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for the lesson - you will be charged in full. Extra time will not be made up if you are late for the lesson. If you are late, we will wait for 20 minutes and if you do not show in that time you will be charged in full.

All Extreme Confidence Value Packages must be used within 5 months.

1st Lesson 2 hours; 2nd Lesson 1.5 hours; 3rd Lesson 1.5 hours (5 hours total)

Value Packages cannot be transferred. No refunds on unused lesson(s).

Prices do not include rental or any expenses incurred with taking a lesson.

All protective gear (knee, elbow & wrist pads) including a helmet must be worn.

A waiver must be signed if all protective gear is not worn.

Rollerblading instructors - Stanley Park seawall DISCLAIMER Vancouver Stanley Park seawall


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